Blackwood Canyon Vintners

Our Story

Blackwood Canyon Vintners - BuildingThe story of Blackwood Canyon, in very many ways, is a completely different one than most other wineries in existence today. The business plan, for instance, is one that would undoubtedly cause many economists to raise their eyebrows and wag their fingers. Nevertheless, the nature of the wines produced at Blackwood necessitates that instead of the usual five to ten year outlook, we are always looking down the road 30 to 40 years.

Making wines of quality takes time and patience. As such, many of Blackwood’s first vintages, harvested over 20 years ago, had not been ready for the market until recently. This is why you will often see ten, fifteen, even twenty year old wines on our current release list which are just now mature enough to enjoy (although still far from their peak).

In addition to being highly rated by Robert Parker and many European critics, some of our wines have made top wine lists in the world such as Firefly Books’ (Quintet Publishing) White Wine Companion (a list of the top 100 white wines in the world) and Daniel Thomases’ Veronelli Editore, which lists the world’s top 1000 wines. The wines (and the winemaker) are even showcased in the Tom Clancy novel, 'Net Force - State of War'.