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Red Mountain

Blackwood Canyon Vintners - Red MtnApart from the uncompromising winemaking techniques, the qualities of Blackwood Canyon wines undoubtedly owe an equal debt to the outstanding terroir of Red Mountain. The soil of this famous appellation is inundated with Calcium Carbonate, similar (and indeed necessary) to most of the great vineyards of the world. This soil imparts a length, elegance, and sensuality into a wine that will leave other wines grown on lesser soils tasting short and coarse.

This is the reason Washington Merlots, for instance, attain a sensuality that the North Coast of California can never achieve. This is the reason the search for the "perfect clone" of Pinot Noir is doomed to failure (it's not the clone— - it's the soil!).

It is Burgundy versus Beaujolais. It is the Sandalwood in great Spanish wines. It is the femininity of the great Margeaux versus the masculinity of Pauillac. These are the jewels of great Calcium Carbonate terroir, and great winemaking is the art of releasing terroir and the flavors of the grape into the wineglass!