For those who do not know, we teach...
For those who understand, we expand.
At Blackwood Canyon, we craft world-class wines using ultra-traditional techniques that are rarely used in today’s industrialized wine market. As a result, our wines are unlike most others on the market today. That being said, some education on our consumers’ part is often required in order to fully understand and enjoy our product. Indeed, not having a good understanding of the wine and how it needs to be handled could lead to a less-than-ideal or even poor experience with it. To some of the more seasoned veterans out there, these explanations will not be great revelations, but will hopefully supplement your knowledge. For others, the reading of these techniques and procedures will open up an entirely new understanding of what wine once was, and also what it still can be today when done correctly. Please take some time to learn what separates Blackwood Canyon from the ‘sea of same-ness’ that is today’s modern wine market.